What is BBQ?
Barbecue refers to a specific technique of preparing meats. One smokes the meats on low temperature for a long period of time, to break down the proteins in the meat.

Grilling and Barbecueing – what’s the difference?
In Norway the terms “grill” and “barbecue” are used interchangeably. This is incorrect and nutsmaking to barbecue aficionados. The confusion is compounded when the same piece of equipment is used at home for grilling and barbecue. The two cooking methods are radically different: Grilling is a FAST, DIRECT heat method of cooking. Food is cooked on a grill; just a few inches above live coals or gas flames, often at temperatures exceeding 550°F (300°C). Examples of meat that would be good for grilling are steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs.
The high heat caramelizes (converts the natural sugars in the meat to a sweet brown crust) the surface of the food and seals in the juices. In the U.S, grilled meat is often served anywhere from blood rare to medium. Grilling is a popular way to cook just about everywhere in the world, and is prepared using every conceivable combination of marinades and spices.

Barbecue is a SLOW, INDIRECT, low-heat method of cooking.
In fact, it’s the opposite of grilling. Barbecue uses smoldering wood to simultaneously smoke and cook the food at temperatures between 180 and 250°F (90° – 120°C).
Examples of cuts of meat that are good for barbecue would be the tougher, larger and less expensive cuts, such as brisket, pork shoulder, ribs and even the whole damn pig. That’s right – from snout to tail.
 Smoldering wood generates smoke that gives barbecue its wonderful sweet and smoky flavor. The heat source should be separated from the cooking chamber to provide indirect heat. In order to circulate a uniform amount of heat and smoke to all the food throughout the chamber a fan or rotating rack is helpful.

What is Brisket?
The brisket is the cow’s breast muscle that goes on the inside the shoulder between the collar bone and the 5th rib. The brisket is considered the toughest of all meats and it’s a MUST in Texas BBQ. We rub our brisket with salt and pepper only, and smoke it for up to 14 hours at 225 Farenheit.

What is the difference between Baby Back Ribs and Spare Ribs?
The Baby Back ribs are the rib bones on the back of the ribeye (entrecôte). The Spare Ribs are the rib bones on the side of the pork, i.e. the ones you find on the inside of the bacon. The baby backs are considered leaner and meatier than the spare ribs, but in Norway it all depends on the cut you get. Our ribs are cut to our own specs. Most restaurants in Norway boil or steam their ribs because it is quicker, and the water increases the sales weight. This not barbecue; it is cheating! (You wouldn’t boil a steak would you?) We trim our ribs and tear off the inner membrane before we smoke them slowly at for 4 – 6 hours.

What is a Boston Butt?
The Boston Butt is the upper part of the pork shoulder and the neck in one piece. We leave the shoulder blade in the Butt when we smoke it for 14 – 16 hours depending on the size. We drizzle on our secret rub and inject a special marinade hours before smoking.

What is a cobbler?
A cobbler is a pie without the pie bottom, i.e. it is soft, runny, delicious and served in a cup with vanilla ice cream.

Can we order out?
Yes, our whole menu (except for Sampler Plate) can be ordered to go!

Do you have a patio?
Yes, we have nice patio, both with and without roof. This space is also available for parties and events.

Can we have our next party at Texas Barbecue Café?
You sure can! Se more information about Catering/Private Parties here (PDF) or call 67 10 5000 or contact us on mail@texasbarbecuecafe.no for more information and conditions.